Life in Britain

HOW BRITAIN IS GOVERNED Basil’s introduction.

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THE BRITISH CONSTITUTION This is a really short section, because there isn’t one. At least, there isn’t a witten constitution. Anyway, for certain British people the idea of having a written constitution is anathema. They fondly believe that not having a constitution implies that everything’s allowed, whereas the Government exercises its freedoms too as there […]


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Getting a job does not have to be an impossible task. But it will definitely take some time. It is always useful to register with a couple of agencies. Most recruitment agencies handle specific sectors: cleaning, catering, secretarial, medical, teaching, legal, IT and banking are the broad categories. Make an appointment to see a consultant, […]


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Most Brits are totally obsessed with the education. So was the Labour party and now Conservatives. Just remember Tony Blair manifesto: “Education, education, education”. Thanks to this national obsession there are plenty of different exams and guidelines set in order to achieve something or other. It may seem strange to you that although the levels […]


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Higher education at a college or university is currently taken up by over 30 percent of students (soon rising to 50 percent if this recession will last longer) – the remaining young people having dropped out after failing to understand our intricate examination system outlined in my previous musings ‘National exams’. Once upon a time […]


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The gap year has become increasingly popular with students nowadays. It is usually taken before or after going to college or ‘uni’. The gap year is a year spent travelling, seeing the world and ‘finding yourself’, which will traditionally involve at least four of the following elements: long, much-delayed and uncomfortable flights on some of […]


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Education has always been a ‘hot topic’ among politicians. They all stress the importance of education. Just remember Tony Blair’s manifesto “Education, education, education”. However, the government’s obsession with targets and attempts at measuring something that is in its essence unmeasurable meant that “Examination, examination, examination” should have been a much more appropriate sound bite. […]


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ENGLAND The English are often accused of arrogance by their United Kingdom brothers. The English think it rather unfair, as they usually have their second homes in Cornwall, Devon, Wales and Lake District in the north and thanks to their presence the house prices remain extremely high. And that’s the point. These houses are only […]

BRITAIN EXPLAINED. Basil’s guide to modern life in Britain

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When I was approached by eager students to produce a guide to Modern Britain, I felt that they could not have chosen a more suitable character than myself. I do not want to sound immodest but I have gone a long way from humble beginnings in East End through intellectual establishments of London University and […]


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NEWSPAPERS Daily newspapers in the UK can be roughly divided into ‘highbrow’ broadsheets (The Times,  Daily Telegraph, The Guardian and The Independent) and ‘lowbrow’ tabloids (The Sun, The Mirror, The Daily Express, The News of the World, Daily Mail). The first-ever newspapers in the UK appeared in the eighteenth century, and the most famous of […]


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Throughout the year, there some special days and events (though not too many) that are celebrated across the land. Fortunately, there are many festivals of music, art and culture. I’m sure you have heard of the Edinburgh Festival, the Notting Hill carnival, the Glastonbury Music festival, the book festival at Hay-on-Wye, film festivals in London […]