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It remains among the 20 most popular subjects. The LSE has the highest entry standards and Exeter has the most satisfied students. Employment prospects are better than in many areas of higher education. Actuarial Profession: Association of Chartered Certified Accountants: Careers in accounting: Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy: Institute […]


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Cambridge has by far the highest entry standards. Employment prospects are relatively good but the training is long. However, the subject remains popular. Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment: Royal Institute of British Architects: ARCHITECTURE TABLE Cardiff Bath Cambridge University College London Nottingham Sheffield Manchester Ulster Newcastle Dundee Edinburgh Strathclyde Liverpool Sheffield […]


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Cambridge has the highest entry standards. The most satisfied students are at Reading. However, better employment prospects leave Durham as the nearest challenger to cambridge. Unemployment six months after graduation was relatively high. Council for British Archaelogy: ARCHAEOLOGY TABLE Cambridge Durham Oxford University College London Reading Exeter Leicester Liverpool Southampton Glasgow Queen’s, Belfast Sheffield […]


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Choosing a course in art and design could be the first step in achieving a career in fine art, graphics or textiles. Whatever your eventual direction, you’ll be entering a very broad church, with subjects ranging from design disciplines (anything from craft-based courses such as furniture design to multimedia work), to fine art (more traditional […]


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University courses on building studies focus on all aspects of buildings – except the design element that belongs to architects. It’s a rather practical course, covering construction management, construction techniques, structural and civil engineering, and the planning of infrastructure for major building developments, including airports and railways. The more closely focused courses – those containing […]


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Drama at university isn’t all about performance, unless you’re heading for one of the drama or dance schools tolearn only acting and dancing/ Many higher education institutions do, however, carry acting modules as part of a broad degree programmes – mixing theoretical and practical, studying areas such as film, theatre, and radio, performance techniques, basic […]


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There used to be a split between music colleges (or conservatoires), which offered diplomas and the universities offering degrees. Much of that distinction has now gone and all the institutions offer degrees but, in general, the conservatoires still place more emphasis on the practical aspects of the music rather than the theory and history of […]


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THE TOP UNIVERSITIES What distinguishes a top university? Higher education now publishes numerous statistics, but resists combining them in a way that might answer this question. So it is not easy for prospective students to make an informed choice. We have used Guardian league tables from 2009 as they are clear and well researched. As […]


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THE TOP UNIVERSITIES BY SUBJECT It is the quality of courses is what matters most. Even the best universities might have mediocre departments and modest institutions may have a centre of specialist excellence. This section shows leading universities in a wide range of subjects. Cambridge is the most successful university, and Oxford, Edinburgh, Loughborough and […]


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Britain is the world’s second most popular study destination after the USA. Large numbers of students continue to come from China, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, the USA, France, Germany and France. There has also been a significant influx of students from many new EU countries such as Cyprus, Poland and Lithuania. International students are […]