The road through Kent snakes along leafy lanes and across quiet pastures and wooded parklands.

Chartwell set amongst wooded hills and with sweeping views is only 30 miles from London and an oasis of peace and tranquility.

Hidden from the road behind a high brick wall, Chartwell was bought by Winston Churchill in 1922 and stands high on the slope offering great views of the lush Weald of Kent.

It is a spacious, anassuming house with large gardens where Winston Churchill and his family lived for 41 years. The house is very private, full of family personal possessions and lots of photographs on display.

There is a small museum on the top floor with many interesting gifts and honours Churchill accummulated from world leaders and his many admirers. His studio is full of books he read and wrote and many of his ever-present cigars.

You can also admire his art studio and take a look at his paintings.

The house is surrounded by a beautiful garden and an expanse of grass leading down to a long lake with a small promontory – Winston’s favourite relaxation spot where you can also sit down on a chair and enjoy this idyllic place.

Nearby, there is a rather big and oval swimming pool where a small herd of cows with their calves are enjoying the lush pastures.

At the back of the house you can wander around a productive kitchen garden surrounded by a long kitchen wall built by Winston himself during his 7 years of wilderness.

There are lots of old fruit trees, colourful shrubs, herbs and roses surrounding the house.

When the sun comes out it is a perfect place to be.


from London – leave M25 at exit 5 or 6, 2 miles from Westerham in Kent TN16 1PS

The property belongs to National Trust

Admission fee is £10.00

Just a few miles from Chartwell you will find a very charming, old village of Westerham with lovely houses, Churchill’s and General Wolfe’s statues and a rambling ancient cemetery next to a delightful little church – half hidden in grasses and tumbling down the slope of the steep hill.

Just around the corner from Westerham’s main square there is The Quebec House - the childhood home of General James Wolfe, victor of the Battle of Quebec.

Along the road to Ide Hill and 2 miles from Westerham you will encounter a secluded 19th century garden set on the very high hill and called the Emmetts Garden.

There are spectacular views of the surrounding hills and valleys from the top and wooded hillsides to explore.

The best way is to wander around its scenic paths through blossoming rhododendrons displaying fiery colours ranging from purple, pink, orange, red to yellow and white. In the middle there is a lovely rock garden with many exotic shrubs and an extensive rose garden as well.


two miles from Westerham, Kent TN16 1PS

The garden belongs to National Trust

Admission Fee £6.00

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